Backlink overview / summary API

Price: 6 credits per request

Description: Generate an overview of the backlink statistics pointing to a specific URL or a full domain (the target).

Query string parameters

Name Parameter Description
URL &url=

The URL you want to analyse

– Backlinks pointing to a specific PAGE, example:
– Backlinks pointing to the full DOMAIN, example: (without “www” and “https”)

Dofollow &dofollow_only

Optional: Use the dofollow_only paramter to only get the dofllow backlinks.

example: 1, default = 0

Key &key= Your private API key

Response elements

Name Description
Backlinks total Total number of backlinks linking to the target (URL or Domain)
Spam score Spam score of the backlink on a 0 – 100 scale (a 100 being a very toxic backlink)
Domain authority The authority of the backlink page on a 0 – 100 scale
Broken backlinks Total number of broken backlinks linking to the target
Domains Total number of backlinks coming from seperate domains (subdomains are counted as seperate domains)
Unique domains Total number of backlinks coming from unique domains (subdomains and main domains are counted as one)
Referring pages Total number of pages linking to to the target
Referring IPs Total number of IP addresses linking to to the target
TLD distribution Top Level Domain distribution (examples: .com, .org, .net, …)
Link attributes Link attributes (nofollow, noopener, ugc, …. )


More information: discover more about this API

PHP code example


    API documentation for SEO Review Tools.
    API info:
    API documentation:

// input URL or domain
$inputUrl '';

// API key 
$apiKey 'YOUR-API-KEY';

// specific API url 
$apiRequestUrl ''.$inputUrl.'&key='.$apiKey;

// get data from API
$jsonReposnse file_get_contents($apiRequestUrl);

// convert JSON to PHP array
$dataArray json_decode($jsonReposnsetrue);

// check if API call is success or failed
// (just some basic validation)

// API call fail
if ($dataArray['status'] !== 'ok'){

// return error message
echo 'Error message: '.$dataArray['error message'];

// API call success    
} else {

// print data


Python code example

# API documentation for SEO Review Tools.
# API info:
# API documentation:
# LinkedIn:

import requests

# API key
apiKey = 'YOUR-API-KEY'

# input URL or domain
inputUrl = ''

toolRequestUrl = ''+inputUrl+'&key='+apiKey

r = requests.request("GET", toolRequestUrl,)

JSON response example

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