Website Traffic History API

Price: 30 credits per request

Description: Collect Organic and Paid traffic statistics for any website including historic traffic for the past 6 months.

Query string parameters

Name Parameter Description
URL &url=

The domain you want to analyse (add the domain name without parameters, schema, path and www)


Language &hl=

The language (required) → full list

example: English

Location &location=

The geographical location (required) → full list

example: United States

Start date &start_date=

Optional: enter a start date (max 2 years back in time), date format “yyyy-mm-dd”
When there is no date available, the API will return the previous 6 months by default

example: 2021-3-14

API key &key= Your private API key

Response elements

Name Description
target The domain
year The year 
month The month (numeric representation)
organic Monthly organic traffic estimate
paid Monthly paid traffic estimate
paid traffic cost Monthly paid traffic cost estimate

More information: discover more about this API

JSON response example

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