Content Generator API

Price: 1 credits per request

Description: Automatically write / generate content using AI

Query string parameters

Name Parameter Description
API key &key= Your private API key
Topic &topic= Use the topic parameter to specify the subject to create content for.
example: SEO
Related keywords &relatedkeywords= Optional: Add related keywords to provide additional writing directions for AI (separated by the | sign).
example: Keyword research|Copy writing
Exclude keywords &exclude= Optional: Add keywords to exclude to prevent these keywords from appearing in your text (separated by the | sign).
example: Bing|Yahoo
Text length &word_count= Optional: use a numeric value to set the content length, max. 2K words, default is 1500 words.
example: 1200
Content format &content_format= Optional: content format examples: Blog post, Product description, Video script, ..
example: Blog post
Language &hl= Optional: Language to translate text (full list of the available languages)
example: Spanish
Writing style &style= Optional: Writing style examples: Formal, Conversational, Persuasive, Creative, …
example: Creative
Audience &audience Optional: Content audience examples: Copywriters, Electricians, Students, Experts …..
example: Copywriters

Response elements

Name Description
title_tag Automatically generated Title tag suggestion for your content
meta_description_tag Automatically generated Meta description suggestion for your content
content The AI generated content based on your specific input (HTML formatted)
related_keywords The keywords that are semantically related to your content, including additional keyword suggestions

PHP code example


    API documentation for SEO Review Tools.
    API info:
    API documentation:

// topic
$topic 'SEO';

// API key 
$apiKey 'YOUR-API-KEY';

// related keywords (optional)
$relatedkeywords 'Keyword research|Copy writing';

// exclude keywords (optional)
$exclude 'Bing|Yahoo';

// audience (optional)
$audience 'Copywriters|Content creators';

// content format (optional)
$content_format 'blog';

// content length (optional)
$word_count 1200;

// writing style (optional)
$style 'Persuasive';

// language (opional: can be used to translate content)
$language 'English';

$apiRequestUrl "".$topic."&relatedkeywords=".$relatedkeywords."&exclude=".$exclude."&word_count=".$word_count."&hl=".$language."&audience=".$audience."&content_format=".$content_format."&style=".$style."&key=".$apiKey;

// get data from API
$jsonReposnse file_get_contents($apiRequestUrl);

// convert JSON to PHP array
$dataArray json_decode($jsonReposnsetrue);

// check if API call is success or failed
// (just some basic validation)

// API call fail
if ($dataArray['status'] !== 'ok'){

// return error message
echo 'Error message: '.$dataArray['error message'];

// API call success    
} else {

// print data


JSON response example

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