Helpful content analysis API – URL input

Price: 6 credits per request

Description: The Helpful Content Analysis API assists you in identifying which content meets the criteria for being considered helpful, as well as pinpointing areas that require attention.. This API endpoints uses the Google helpful content guidelines, Google quality rater guidelines and a custom trained AI to score the content that’s posted to the API.

Query string parameters

Name Parameter Description
URL &url=

The public URL you want to analyse


Key &key= Your private API key

URL analysis

The API automatically extracts the primary content from the URL. After extrating the content the API will perform the Helpful Content Analysis.

Response elements


Name Description
helpful content score The score for your content on a 0 – 100 scale (percentage).
helpful content status The status for your content. Result options: Passed, Needs work, Failed
available points The sum all the available points
earned points The exact number of earned points
category score – content and quality (score, available points and earned points)
– expertise (score, available points and earned points)
– people-first content (score, available points and earned points)
content and quality rating
expertise rating
people-first content rating



helpful content score interpretation

This overview shows how you should interpret the SEO content score, returned by the API.

Score Description
70% – 100% The content passed the helpful content analysis
55% – <= 70% The content needs work to pass he helpful content analysis
0% – < 55% The content failed the helpful content analysis

Google helpful content guidelines

The API provides a summary of Google’s content guidelines to assist editors in determining whether Google will classify the content as ‘helpful’.

Question category Description
Content and quality These questions evaluate content quality, including originality, value, and accuracy.
Expertise These questions gauge content trustworthiness and expertise, considering factors like sourcing, author background, site reputation, and factual accuracy.
Focus on people-first content These questions evaluate the alignment of content with the target audience.


PHP code example


    API documentation for SEO Review Tools.
    API info:
    API documentation:

// input URL
$inputUrl '';

// API key 
$apiKey 'YOUR-API-KEY';

// specific API url 
$apiRequestUrl ''.$inputUrl.'&key='.$apiKey;

// get data from API
$jsonReposnse file_get_contents($apiRequestUrl);

// convert JSON to PHP array
$dataArray json_decode($jsonReposnsetrue);

// check if API call is success or failed
// (just some basic validation)

// API call fail
if ($dataArray['status'] !== 'ok'){

// return error message
echo 'Error message: '.$dataArray['error message'];

// API call success    
} else {

// print data


Python code example

import requests

# input URL
input_url = ''

# API key
api_key = 'YOUR-API-KEY'

# specific API URL
api_request_url = f'{input_url}&key={api_key}'

# get data from API
response = requests.get(api_request_url)

# check if API call is successful or failed
if response.status_code == 200:
    # convert JSON to Python dictionary
    data = response.json()
    # check if API call is successful
    if data['status'] == 'ok':
        # print data
        # return error message
        print('Error message:', data['error message'])
    # handle request failure
    print('Failed to retrieve data from API.')

JSON response example

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