Website Traffic APIs

API endpoints

SEO Review Tools offers 2 different Website traffic estimate APIs:

  1. Global Website Traffic API, Use this API to collect monthly organic and paid website traffic reports including paid traffic cost estimate (in USD).  → Domain level
  2. Website Traffic by country API, Use this endpoint to determine the amount of traffic a domain receives from different countries. → Domain level
  3. Website traffic history API, Use this API to get historical traffic estimates for a domain. → Domain level
  4. Bulk website traffic API, Use this endpoint if you need interested in retrieving monthly organic and paid visitor statics for multiple domains. → Page & Domain level
    (Accepts up to 1000 domains per call)


  • Website traffic tool, Enter your API key and use the Website traffic tool (interface) to uncover organic and paid traffic for a 1K domains or URLs. Only available for paid API users.

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