Keyword Research APIs

Keyword data

The SEO keyword data endpoints offer keyword solutions

  • Keyword Suggestions Discover new keywords and keyword phrases that include the input keyword or a directly related keyword.
  • Keyword Suggestions FAST Discover new keyword suggestions (get keyword suggestions quickly for a low price).
  • Keyword Ideas Discover new keyword ideas that are based on common keyword categories.
  • Related Keywords Discover new keywords highly correlating with the SERP related searches feature.


The response from the above keyword API endpoints all include:
(with exception of the Keyword Suggestions FAST API)

  • Monthly search volume
    The number of times a keyword is used as a search query in Google
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC)
    This is the average price that an advertiser pays for a click in Google Ads
  • Competition
    The competition score is a numeric value from 0 – 1 bases on Google Ads data