Bulk Website Traffic Checker

Important: Please note that subscriptions that are in their free trial period are not eligible for accessing this tool. To get direct access to the Website traffic checker, please subscribe to one of the API plans listed below →


  • How do I collect the traffic statistics for a specific page? Enter the full URL (https://www.example.com/page/).
  • How do I collect the domain level traffic statistics? (enter the domain without https and www (example.com).
  • Can I  also get this data directly in Google Sheets? Yes, please have a look at our pre-programmed Website Traffic spreadsheet → 
  • Can I get global traffic statistics with this bulk tool? No, you have to make a country and language selection.

Premium data

The Website traffic checker uses our premium data source and for that reason the results might differ compared to our free website traffic checker.

Website traffic data

  • Organic Traffic estimates
  • Paid Traffic estimates

Get Access

API subscriptions that give access to this tool.

  Subscription Credits /month Price /month  
  SMB 2000 Credits /month $25 /month Subscribe
  Lite 7500 Credits /month $75 /month Subscribe
  Advanced 75000 Credits /month $450 /month Subscribe

Usage costs

  • Perform bulk (1K URLs) Website Traffic lookups for 12 credits.

API endpoint

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