Keyword Research Tool

Important: Please note that subscriptions that are in their free trial period are not eligible for accessing this tool. To get direct access to the Keyword Research Tool, please subscribe to one of the API plans listed below →


  • Where do the keyword statistics come from? Search volume and CPC are sourced from the Google Ads.
  • How is keyword difficulty calculated? We analyse Google search results and compare authority metrics to calculate the keyword difficulty score.
  • Can I also get this data directly in Google Sheets? Yes, please have a look at our pre-programmed Keyword Research spreadsheet → 

Premium data

This API powered Keyword tool uses our premium data source and for that reason the results might differ compared to our free keyword tool.

Keyword statistics

  • Highly relevant keyword ideas
  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword difficulty (Organic results)
  • Average CPC, Cost-per-click (Paid results)
  • The total number of SERP results for the keyword (organic)
  • Supporting 26 countries

Get Access

API subscriptions that give access to this tool.

  Subscription Credits /month Price /month  
  SMB 2000 Credits /month $25 /month Subscribe
  Lite 7500 Credits /month $75 /month Subscribe
  Advanced 75000 Credits /month $450 /month Subscribe

Usage costs

  • The Keyword Research tool consumes 12 credits to perform a pull all metrics and generate relevant keyword suggestions .

API endpoint

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