Bulk Referring Domains API

Price: 12 credits per request

Description: Use this API endpoint to get the number of referring domains for any domain or URL. Post a list of URLs  (up to 1K per call) in JSON format to the API.

Referring domains are the number of unique websites pointing to your target (URL or Domain). Multiple links from a single website are counted as 1 referring domain. if you want to uncover all the individual backlinks pointing to a target we recommend using the → Backlink API

Query string parameters

Name Parameter Description
URL &url=

The URL you want to analyse

– Referring domains pointing to a specific PAGE, example: https://example.com/url/
– Referring domains pointing to the full DOMAIN, example: example.com (without “www” and “https”)

Key &key= Your private API key

Response elements

Name Description
URL The target URL or Domain to collect the number of referring domains for.
Referring domains The number of unique referring domains.

PHP code example


    API documentation for SEO Review Tools.
    API info: https://www.seoreviewtools.com/seo-api/
    API documentation: https://api.seoreviewtools.com/documentation/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/seo-review-tools

function curlFunction ($toolRequestUrl$curlData){

$ch curl_init();
curl_setopt$chCURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type:application/json'));
$html curl_exec($ch);
$curlInfo curl_getinfo($ch);


// input Domains
$data json_encode(['urls' => [

// API key 
$apiKey 'YOUR-API-KEY'

$toolRequestUrl "https://api.seoreviewtools.com/bulk-referring-domains/?key=".$apiKey;

$dataJson curlFunction($toolRequestUrl$data); 

header("Content-type: application/json");
echo (
$dataJson );


JSON response example

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